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Our films:

Agee Films
produces and distributes award-winning documentary films on a wide range of subjects, including environmental history, American literature, American history, social justice, religion, child development, and American culture.

Founded in 1974, Agee Films is named for novelist, screenwriter, journalist, poet, and film writer, James Agee (1909-1955). The Founder and Director of Agee Films is award-winning filmmaker Ross Spears.

Our Work in Progress
The Truth about Trees: A Natural and Human History, is a three-part PBS special about the natural history of trees, the deep connections between humans and trees, and the critical role trees play for all life on Earth. Click here for more information.

Our Films

Sound Recordings from Our Archives
We are proud to offer downloadable unedited versions of our interviews with the people who appear in our films (and even some who didn't, for space reasons, make the final cut). Click here for more information.

Our Newest Release, named BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR by the American Library Association - Now in BLU-RAY

APPALACHIA: A History of Mountains and People

APPALACHIA is the first environmental history series ever made. An All-Star cast, including Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist E. O. Wilson and best-selling novelist Barbara Kingsolver, explore the intersection of natural history and human history in one of America's grandest treasures. Narrated by Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek. A four-part series by Jamie Ross and Ross Spears.

APPALACHIA was named BEST VIDEO of the Year 2010, receiving a prestigious "Top of the List" award from Booklist magazine, the review journal of the American Library Association.

Click here to view the APPALACHIA website

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