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Our films:

Agee Films
produces and distributes award-winning documentary films on a wide range of subjects, including environmental history, American literature, American history, social justice, religion, child development, and American culture.

Founded in 1974, Agee Films is named for novelist, screenwriter, journalist, poet, and film writer, James Agee (1909-1955). The Founder and Director of Agee Films is award-winning filmmaker Ross Spears.

Our Films

Agee Films Now Streaming!

We are in the process of making our films available for rental or purchase via streaming as well as on DVD. So far The Electric Valley and To Render a Life can be streamed or downloaded. See the individual film pages for more information, and watch for more streamable films in the near future.

Sound Recordings from Our Archives

We are proud to offer downloadable unedited versions of our interviews with the people who appear in our films (and even some who, for space reasons, didn't make the final cut). Click here for more information.

Our Work in Progress

The Truth about Trees: A Natural and Human History

The Truth About Trees is the first full-length documentary series to explore the vital role of trees for all life on Earth. The series dramatizes the profound connection of natural history and human history.

Part One presents an in-depth portrait of an amazing lifeform, its 400-million-year history, and the myriad forms and strategies it employs for survival, including the process of photosynthesis, the key to all life on Earth.

Part Two analyzes the deep connection between humans and trees, from the oxygen we breathe, to foods, fuels, houses and tools, even words, symbols and mental health.

Part Three explores the role of trees in the biosphere. Countless crises now confront trees, including catastrophic climate change. We meet scientists and tree lovers working to understand, conserve, and care.

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